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Way too much Melanie . . . and it's all so repetitive! :sleep:

Wow Chad way to be sensitive to Brady's loss. Jerk! I'm not so opposed to his "dark' turn though because he was dull as dirt before and at least this gives me some craziness in Salem to look forward to with his character.

Loved Lucas and his smart remark about the cop and the criminal cage match over who gets to hold Sami's hand next! Please keep giving Lucas lines like this. I think Lumi work so well when Lucas doesn't hold back on Sami. I want him to be the one who always sees exactly what's going on.

The Rafe and Sami scenes were really good too. Rafe's definitely hesitant over getting his heart broken again, but he actually put his feelings out there. Galen did an excellent job. I liked Sami's response about still being remorseful for her behavior. Those are emotions I believe considering the history of this couple. I felt like I was watching an anguished romantic moment without it being heavy handed to push the point. Much better writing imo. (btw - That white henley? Oh Yeah!!!)

Victor! Victor! Please come out from Maggie's shadow. Be a man not a mouse!

I thought Bo and Hope were so sweet and could just feel all the weight of Peter leaving in every conversation. It's heartbreaking knowing the gap Days will have without him.

Brady sure is doing a lot of floating around, but I'd rather see that than them put him with Jennifer romantically. All kinds of 'no' on that from me. I hope they are just waiting for the right moment to get him involved in a complex story - hopefully involving Kristen and some Dimera battling.
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