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Hey, she isn't acting herself, like so many rabid fans say. She's got the world by the tail,
regained her seat at NE,
a new man to fuck,
standing over the Newman heirs,
looking down her nose.
Suddenly the Patriarch of GC, NE and the Newmans shows up dead... EEEK! It's not Victor. Hurry gotta get rid of this body before the kids see it! So she has it cremated! WORSE than what PHYLLIS did with TIM'S body.
But, typical of Sharon she isn't thinking to the future, the real VN might show up, then what? Oh well, who gives a shit, right Sharon? You're off to get a brand new last name. Done with that Newman name cuz you RAN OUT OF THEM.
Kids didn't get to see him and say goodbye.
Nikki stays at the cemetery for one last goodbye. (Rustling in the bushes)
'Victor~ Oh my God it's youuuuu, your alive! Sharon the gold digging bitch said you were dead and had you cremated! Come on Victor, jump in my Honda and let's go git that bitch~'

'Damn right!
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