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I have gone back and forth with Sami for years. Love/hate/love/hate. Wednesday's episode for some reason made me start to remember what it was like to like her, which was strange because she was as shrill as ever. I enjoyed the exchange between Sami/Kate and Adrienne. I enjoyed seeing Kate and Sami team up but I also enjoyed that Adrienne didn't back down.

Chad was worse than usual with his delusional imaginings. Yay for Nick to the rescue. The writers really need to have Chad in E.J.'s orbit more. He is much more tolerable that way. He needs to keep his hands off of Gabi. Not acceptable.

Not sure what to make of Nicole manipulating Abigail. I like both characters and I like to see Nicole true to form, angling to get the upper hand rather than whining to Rafe or Daniel. I don't want this whole mess to end up hurting or screwing up Abigail when she's already got enough on her plate though.
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