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Thurs CAN/Friday US quick recap via Rediculous

Paul informs Mike, Lauren and Christine that he has talked to Daisy and that she will testify about Ricky, after Mike gets a subpoena to be allowed to talk to her, they all rush off to Fairview, only to find an empty room, Daisy has been released, to her nearest relative, is that her brother Kevin, Lauren asks, no the attendant replies to her MOTHER..Lauren is shocked.

Christine also knows that the gun was Lauren's.

Nikki agrees to back Sharon with Nick and Vikki, but Abby refuses she wants to keep her integrity with the media, LOL. Adam will give it some thought, he's not sure which way he'll go. Tucker shows Sharon a picture that Genn sent him of Victor getting a hug from the Nun, so she thinks Victor is having a fling with her. After bedding Tucker,once again, She tells him he is her only friend and he is good for her.

Sharon and Adam talk, he tells her if the judge knew that she was bedding Tucker while she is Victors wife and voting his proxy, she could be in trouble. Don't side against me and side with them she tells him, he said, I'm not your enemy Sharon, you are!!

Jack phones Billy and asks him to help find Victor for Nikki's sake. Jack thinks Nikki is about to begin drinking again. Billy gives her Victors phone #, she phones and Victor waiting in the ally picks up, she keeps saying Victor, talk to me, and just as he says Nikki, a bomb goes off, and Billy is running from the bar at the same time, Nikki hears the blast and is screaming Victor

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