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National Enquirer Spoilers

-Rafe and Sami have a serious discussion about their relationship.
-Chad receives a letter from Melanie. What will it say?
-Jennifer and Nicole's fiery fury is unleashed during a heated argument.
-Billie advises Bo.
-Chad is forced to consent to Nick's agreement.
-Daniel admits that he loves Jennifer.

From TV Source:

Chad and EJ are at odds. Rafe and Sami discuss their relationship. Nicole learns devastating news.

**UPDATED 9/22**

Monday ("Rafe's Choice")
Sami is heartbroken when Rafe says they have don't have a future together; Daniel catches Jennifer making an alarming phone call.

Tuesday ("Blaming Gabi")
Chad blames Gabi for Melanie leaving town; Jennifer and Nicole cause a public spectacle.

Wednesday ("Confusing Behavior")
Rafe sends mixed signals to Sami; Gabi and Nick share a kiss.

Thursday ("Bad News for EJ")
Gabi can't wait to share enlightening news with Rafe; Nicole comes up with an idea that will keep Daniel away from Jennifer.

Friday ("Worst Day")
Nicole receives some devastating news; Rafe and Sami reunite; Bo makes a life-changing decision.

**UPDATED 9/25**

Rafe breaks Samiís heart by telling her they canít be together. He canít tell her that this is breaking his heart too, but EJ is blackmailing him and he has no choice. After Elvis gets confirmation from Rafe that he will stay away from Samanther, he swans in to comfort her. EJís plan doesnít go too smoothly though. His brother soon finds him. Chad is in a fit about Melanie. Heís so wrought up he nearly exposes EJís latest blackmail scheme. Elvis tries calming his brother down. That doesnít work. Chad plods away and plows at Gabi. He threatens to call the cops on her. Nick shows up and threatens to report the fact that Chad pounded on him. Nick even makes Chad sign legal papers promising to keep his mouth shut about Gabiís misdeeds. Gabi is so impressed that she and Nicholas wind up swapping saliva.

Nicole goes over the top in the pity party she throws for Dr. Dan. Heís in the dumps about Mel running off. After she comforts him, she bumps into Rafe and tries to get him to open up about his problems. Heís not open to that. He continues worrying about the baby and then wanders off, finding Sami and EJ in the coffee house. Heís gagging to tell her that EJ is back to blackmailing people to get what he wants but stops himself. Samiís confused by his general attitude. Things get more confusing for Sami when she takes EJ back to her place and Chad shows up. The siblings leave her behind. Chad explains that what they were holding over Gabi and Rafe is now a dead end and they have to drop it. EJ fumes. Sami conveniently eavesdrops on all of this. The next day, she confronts Chad. He explains just enough for her to put the pieces together. She immediately runs off to find Rafe. As they start making out, EJ rushes over just in time to watch. As Rafe runs off to gather food, Sami corners EJ and lashes out at him. Angry EJ stalks off. His father calls.

Daniel catches Jenn making calls to DNA labs in a bid to cover for the doctor. Heís not happy that sheís involved and orders her to stay out of his life. Sheís pissed and goes looking for Nicole. A crowd has grown just in time for Jenn to tear into Nic. Nicole does her best to look innocent. Brady arrives to break things up before it can turn into a cat fight. After he walks Jenn home, he goes to see Daniel and points out that Jenn still seems to be in love with him. The doctor admits heís smitten as well. Nicole conveniently overhears all of this. It hurts her feelings. Suddenly, she decides that moving to Utah would solve all of her problems and asks the doctor to go with her. Dr. Cowabunga is not sure that sounds like a smart move. While he and Jenn meet up and debate about whether or not they can be friends, Nicole goes to her ob-gyn appointment. She quickly learns that the baby is dead. Devastated, she goes looking for Daniel, only to find him with Jenn.

As the firings continue at the SPD, Caroline prods Roman to help Bo make up his mind. She tries doing this herself too, pointing out that Ciara is aging rapidly so he should spend some time with her. He bumps into Billie. She points out that being a cop was always a bad idea and she should find something better to do. Bo plods off to see his mom. Caroline advises him again to start taking some risks. He decides that everyone is right and hands in his resignation


Monday October 1:
Sami's crushed when Rafe tells her they can't be together.
EJ learns Melanie has left town and this throws a wrench into his efforts to reunite her with Chad.
EJ's there to comfort Sami crying over Rafe.
Nicole pulls out all the stops to comfort Daniel over Mel's departure.
Nicole finds Rafe upset and wants to help.
As Jenn makes a call to a DNA lab, pretending to work for EJ, Daniel catches her!
Caroline confronts Roman.
Bo is still undecided.
Hope learns two more detectives will be fired.

Tuesday October 2:
EJ comforts Sami, who doesn't realize Rafe cut off all ties in order to keep Gabi from prison.
Chad receives a goodbye note from Melanie and after having nothing to lose, he goes to unleash his wrath on Gabi.
Rafe shuts Nicole out and she starts wondering if the cost of keeping her secret is too high for him to bear.
Rafe finds Sami and EJ together at the cafe.
Daniel tells Jenn to stay out of his business and his life.
Maggie knows Jenn and Daniel still have feelings for each other.
Jenn and Nicole square off and seem poised for a public catfight.

Wednesday October 3:
Rafe interrupts Sami and EJ's intimate moment, about to tell her EJ is blackmailing him.
Sami's confused by Rafe's behavior.
Chad reveals to EJ that Gabi won't pay for her crimes because he made a deal with Nick not to expose her.
EJ explodes with anger over not having anything to hold over Rafe's head. Sami overhears.
Gabi and Nick share a kiss.
Jenn rips into Nicole. Brady intervenes.
Nicole overhears Daniel admit he's still in love with Jen.
Bo confides in Caroline.
Mel learns the truth.

Thursday October 4:
Gabi tells Rafe she'll never face charges for her crimes.
Rafe realizes EJ's hold over him is gone.
EJ consults with a criminal lawyer.
Sami confronts Chad about EJ's concern for Gabi and puts two and two together. She learns what EJ's up to.
Sami finds Rafe and EJ watches as they come together in a kiss.
Maggie has advice for Jenn about Daniel.
Jenn decides to apologize to Daniel.
Dr. Sedwick can't find Nicole's baby's heartbeat.

Friday October 5:
Nicole learns her baby has died.
Nicole sees Daniel and Jenn in a tender moment.
Sami blasts EJ for his deception.
EJ reminds Sami Rafe's keeping another secret with Nicole.
Stefano calls EJ.
Rafe's thankful to Nick.
Bo resigns.

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