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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about Nicole and Rafe. Nicole plots to prove that Rafe is the father of her baby. She "accidentally" shows Sami a picture that she photoshopped to make it look like she and Rafe are in bed together. Sami tells her she isn't buying it. However, when she visits Marlena she expresses uneasiness about the situation. "Marlena reminds Sami that Rafe was willing to take her and her kids (who were fathered by other men), says Ali. "Marlena thinks Sami owes Rafe the same consideration."

Nicole fills Rafe in on her latest scheme and tells him she hopes it gets back to EJ. Rafe isn't happy about Nicole's timing and wonders if it could jeopardize his new start with Sami. Galen says at the time when agreed to do this for Nicole, Rafe didn't anticipate a possibility that he and Sami would be together again.

Later on, Rafe and Sami head to dinner and she tells him that she "isn't in a position to judge what happened between him and Nicole." She also adds that she knows how much Rafe has always wanted to be a dad. Rafe is touched that she appears to be understanding. Sami also lets him know that she's put a halt to seeing EJ, "knowing that it could never approach what she had with Rafe." When Rafe drops her off, he kisses her.

The next day, Rafe is thrown for a loop when Gabi confesses her role in Melanie's kidnapping. Things get worse when EJ finds out disturbing information from Chad.

Be sure to pick up the latest Digest for details!
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