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Sammie Jo
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Sep 20 2012, 05:46 PM
Sep 20 2012, 05:35 PM
Jack Spoiler

He mortaged Jabot to buy Newman stocks when the price fell when Sharon became CEO. Thinks that he could sell them at a big profit. After Victor returns, stock prices goes up. Jack has no recourse now but to sell BON to Tucker.

Courtesy of Meghan @ Telboards
The writers refuse to give Jack a decent s/l. This has been a problem for years.
Jack is greedy, he wasn't happy with having Jabot, the company that he lost and then lusted after for decades, nooooooooo he had to have BON, then he had to have NE stocks to stick to Victor, as usual, Victor will get it all back and jack will be sitting there, squinting his eyes and biting his lip, staring off into the distance!
I know this script by heart.
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