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The bad news for Nicole will likely be about Daniel and his lub lub for his Jennie poo. Now that Jack is out of the way they'll likely be full steam ahead to reunite one of the most mismatched, gross looking, chemistry-free couples Days has ever forced together at lightening speed *and that list is long* the crapola that is Dannifer. They're already wasting Nicole as the crazy ex that won't leave poor old hairy Danny boy alone now that he's finished using her. *I would like this if the ex she was going crazy on was EJ or Brady* It's only a matter of time that Nicole snaps, and then doing something to push Jennifer at Daniel, yet again. :sarcasm:
And Safe strikes again already. They discuss their relationship? Haven't they been doing that since Carrie left town, opening Rafe to have an excuse to chase the ever loose ex of his? :boobs:
And if Chad is up on EJ, EJ should grow a pair and show him why he's Stefano's favorite baby boy. EJ hasn't done anything really bad in awhile. He's over due. :jedi:
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Spoilers for the week of October 1st · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion