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Viewing Single Post From: Jen Caught Snooping

So little Miss Fix-It goes snooping to prove Evil, Scheming Tramp Nicole is manipulating Poor Defenseless Victim Daniel. Not to protect the hospital from a possible fraud charge or because she has strong feelings about keeping a child from his rightful father (even when said father is EJ), but to show how she's right and Nicole's wrong. And she breaks her promise to Daniel that she'll stop investigating, which may not go over as well with him as she thinks. I know Jen-Jen is supposed to be on the side of truth, justice, ethics, and all that, but I personally hope her snooping blows up in her face. What a self-righteous twat. Pity she didn't show even a fraction of the interest in Jack's PTSD that she shows in a decision Dr. Douche made of his own free will.

Notice that AZ is giving the interviews as opposed to SC and MR. Shades of last fall when MR was doing all the pimping for that lameass triangle. Maybe the show has figured out that MR sticks her foot in her mouth every time she opens it.
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