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Sep 20 2012, 06:14 PM
Jennifer lets Nicole know that she wants her out of the Horton house after the baby is born. Nicole responds by once again reminding Jennifer how close she and Daniel have gotten.

Ari says, "Jennifer doesn't believe that Daniel is actually into Nicole. She thinks that Nicole did something to make Daniel want to be with her."

At the hospital, Jennifer researches DNA labs. She wants to find proof that Nicole is using her pregnancy to manipulate Daniel. Her plan backfires when Daniel catches her digging into medical files. He is worried that Jennifer is getting close to uncovering that truth and warns her to back off. Jennifer agrees to stop, but once she is alone she resumes her investigation.

Nicole isn't aware of what Jennifer is doing, but sees Jennifer as trying to sabotage her and Daniel's relationship for her own selfish needs. Ari says, "It only adds to Nicole's stress, especially because EJ is also prying."
1) Jennifer, you idiot, why did you invite a woman you loathe and distrust to move into your home in the first place? (Especially when you're already having problems with your clearly bereaved daughter.)

2) But having done that, to then say you're going to toss her out on her ear after she has the baby - all because you can't BELIEVE Saint Daniel would dare sleep with her after being with a woman as virtuous and pure as yourself - makes the whole thing even worse.

3) I guess the fact that you're now snooping around confidential medical files is intended to further emphasize to viewers what a completely ethical person you are.

This storyline was bad enough to begin with, but Tomsell's contribution has somehow made it immeasurably worse. No one's behavior except E.J.'s is making any sense, which is truly something to behold. Please let this be over soon.
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