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I think what's important with the cell phone picture is not so much that Sami automatically believes it's real, but that there's a question in her mind. A seed has been planted. Rafe has already said he's the father of Nicole's child and now Sami has a visual to back it up. IMO the point isn't so much that she believes the photo is authentic but rather that she can't be totally sure it's inauthentic. That's enough to bother her and mess with her head. I almost wish Rafe were the father after all the times we've had to hear Sami justify her repeated entanglements with E.J. by self-righteously proclaiming: "He's the father of my children!" I'd kind of like for Nicole to be able to use that line on her when Safe are reunited.

I do agree that the scheming, resourceful Sami of old would be onto Nicole much more quickly though.
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