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Sep 21 2012, 03:58 PM
Sep 21 2012, 02:32 PM
Chad really blindsided Nick didn't he?

You have to give AZ credit because about 90% of her scenes in this episode were by herself. Plus she deserves an award for constantly saying Daniel Raphael so many times.

The Billie and EJ scene was kind of weird. I've enjoyed the many different interactions like Adrienne/Kate/Sami yesterday and Adrienne/Maggie today but this one seemed forced to me. I know Billie and EJ have shared small scenes in the past but I don't know why Billie would feel the need to talk to EJ about Sami Brady. Plus, technically Sami never broke Austin's heart (that I know of).

You know, I really like the Will overhearing Adrienne's remarks storylines. Now it would have been nice if someone had pointed out that Adrienne had a right to voice her opinion to her husband in what she thought was a private conversation, but overall it was a well paced story. Of course Adrienne would be concerned for her son, of course Will would not like hearing it (and like a good kid takes it to heart instead of becoming defensive and attacking her like many other hypocrites on this show do). Sami finding out goes to seek out Adrienne makes sense (for her) and Kate coming in to join in was a little contrived but still...I thought it was well done. And you know what? It only took a week and here it's already resolved with Adrienne coming clean to Sonny who immediately seeks Will out. So I hope we get more short stories like that for other couples.

Nick and Melanie were fine though I'm so over hearing Nick constantly apologizing and trying to make right (but it is within character). I was worried when I read the scarf spoiler because I was afraid he'd be stroking it or something which thank God didn't happen. Chad moving to the "dark side" doesn't fit because what is happening is hardly Dimera like: Impulsive and paranoid. I have said before that what Chad is doing is trying to control Melanie (or control everyone if you count Gabi and Nick) and that can be tied to the Dimeras but I'm not sure if that's just an accident of the writing. I guess we'll find out once Melanie leaves town.
I don't think Nick would have fought back even if he had seen it coming given he is on parole but the sucker punch must be a DiMera tradition.
He really took a beating. I wish that one day he could return the favor to Chad (as I doubt Chad will be leaving him in peace) but I am not sure he is that kinda guy. ITA, I doubt he would have fought back at this time since he is on parole and he probably thinks he deserves it all.
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