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I'm confused about the GH press release and these ratings. GH did rise throughout the week, which is really good and the way things should work. The Monday episode drew 2,300,000+ viewers so maybe they said 2.3 million viewers and not a 2.3 rating?? Either that or they are just being total bullshit and trying to manipulate the numbers. Monday drew a 1.8, which was the worst day of the week for GH. I remember reading the press release, but didn't pay attention to the wording. I think the timeslot move was a success because it didn't hurt ratings at all, thankfully. That is such a risk with these shows, so I think ABC should be very happy with this. I get ABC on two different channels in my area and one moved to 2 and one stayed at 3. I just kept DVRing the one that airs at 3 because that's the one I always watched anyway. So there wasn't even a change for me.
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