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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Kenny, I totally agree with you that Shane needs to own up to his own lies and betrayals... like his pointless lies to Janelle and Joe especially when Janelle was getting evicted and stringing Joe along the whole season.

What takes Dan's lies to a different level though is the extra varnish of bullshit and phoniness he put on each and every lie in the game that left every player on the jury questioning whether they had a single sincere interaction with Dan during the summer they spent together. Now don't get me wrong... the bullshit and phoniness of Dan made the show and feeds more entertaining/interesting than they otherwise would have been at times, but I can't blame a single BB player this season for never wanting to have anything to do with Dan Gheesling or thinking him a douchebag in real life.

I mean, I rooted for Dan to win BB10 (although I quit watching the feeds after about 4 weeks cause all my early faves got evicted and I couldn't stand Jerry's voice) and after what I saw this season he just makes me ill.
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