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Sep 22 2012, 02:30 AM
What takes Dan's lies to a different level though is the extra varnish of bullshit and phoniness he put on each and every lie in the game that left every player on the jury questioning whether they had a single sincere interaction with Dan during the summer they spent together. Now don't get me wrong... the bullshit and phoniness of Dan made the show and feeds more entertaining/interesting than they otherwise would have been at times, but I can't blame a single BB player this season for never wanting to have anything to do with Dan Gheesling or thinking him a douchebag in real life.
I don't disagree with this.

Dan is an amazing liar. He doesn't just lie and hope the person believes him -- he throws in that "extra varnish of bullshit and phoniness" (Britney called it "the mist," some call it charm) to make sure they're completely under his spell. He doesn't just make things up on the fly -- he conditions people days in advance for lies he has yet to tell. He has all the persuasive abilities of a cult leader. I don't think he's any worse than the others for that though. They all lied. The only difference is that Dan did it better. You can't fault him for that in a game like this.
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