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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I'm actually not talking about "the mist" when I am talking about the extra varnish of bullshit and phoniness.

To me, the mist is about planting seeds to convince other people to do what will benefit you the most in the game, even to the detriment of their own game. This can be accomplished a lot of different ways. In Will's case it was mostly charisma unique to Will and possessed by no one else. In Dan's case, it's him applying all the techniques he's learned in books like "How to Win Friends and Influence People" in terms of appealing to people's egos and need for attention by being a sounding board and getting them to talk about themselves all the time.

But the extra varnish of bullshit and phoniness is a whole other thing. The phoniness that bugged me and I suspect the jury went beyond just attempting to convince the other players to make a certain move in the game that would benefit Dan. It was bullshit and phoniness to try to convince the houseguests to think a certain way about Dan, the person, despite how ruthless he was being in the game. And by that I'm talking about the way he presented himself to others in the house outside of the game lies by holding Bible readings with the other houseguests and talking about how he wanted to be their coaches for life and be their pal after BB to coach them on how to handle the BB experience. He just laid that on way too thick and that's why he deserved to lose. An analogy I've thought about a few times this season is that it was like Dan was trying to play Big Brother like Dr. Will yet still be perceived as a Catholic Kaysar. It was just crazy on his part to think he could get away with that.

And this varnish of bullshit and phoniness even extended to Dan's relationship with the audience and his conduct in the diary room with his ridiculous pandering in certain situations like when he cast an eviction vote of Mike Boogie "for Janelle" when Dan had a huge hand in her eviction and could have stopped Danielle from nominating her or at least clued Janelle in to her dangerous situation if he actually wanted her to stay that week. That just disgusted me.
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