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Anyone watched Battle of the Seasons premiere?

When I heard who was coming on, I disliked that so many new people were on. But watching it now, I liked the premiere.

I am so happy Alton is back! Love him! Can't believe they brought Trishelle back! I am loving Cancun team (Jasmine and Jonna are awesome, plus I love CJ). And was so happy to see cocky Wes go out first at the hands of Eric. I hope Eric can prove to everyone this season that he is making himself a stronger (and healthier) person by losing all that weight. I will be rooting for him, since this will really be a personal victory for him if he makes it. I hated the way Laurel yelled at Big Easy few seasons back when she called him fat, ugly and whatnot..

I like Chet, hope his team does well, although I really dislike condescending Sarah.

Camila annoys me since last season. I am so happy that we finally have a Paula-free season. Hopefully that hypocritical bitch finally got a life and won't be coming back. It would be good for her and for myself.
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