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I like Melanie and I like Daniel, I wish the writers had better stories to give them. I have not enjoyed any of their stories for a while. I did not like Melanie with Chad so, was not interested in the so called Romance, and Daniel with Jennifer is boring and them throwing Nicole in the midst is not helping.

Phillip is another that I liked. I am sure he left because they were not giving him anything worthwhile to do. I use to wonder why they were wasting Philip. He had so much potential and was a good actor. I did not like how they were writing before he left.

I liked Vivian and they barely wrote for her.

I like Nicole and I hate the story they have put her in now, if you can call it a story.

I like EJ but I don't like the way they are writing him. It turns me off the character.

I like Bo and he is now leaving, probablly because of the writing or lack thereof as well.

There is not much left for me to enjoy on the show.

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