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I didn't really love this season premiere. I loved last season, so having this is a bit disappointing. But lets give it time :)

I am so sick of these returnees. Even if I do love Mike and Jonathan (Russell is so annoying. He was annoying the first time on Samoa and he's annoying now), I just don't like this twist of having 2 or 3 people back. HAVE EITHER AN ALL NEW CAST OR HAVE A FULL ON ALL STAR SEASON! Or Fans vs Favorites 2. I could deal with that.. basically since Fans vs Favorites 1 is still my favorites season to date.

Zane is a moron. I'm glad he is gone, although I wouldn't mind Russell being gone either. It was a win/win for me tonight.

I like Lisa, so hopefully Mike can manage to keep her. RC and Abi Maria might be fun as villains. But right now they were both a little annoying.

None of the newbies really impressed me, so I have no favorites yet.
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