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just joey

Sep 22 2012, 09:40 AM
How is Sharon going to explain that she knew Victor was still alive but she was going marry Tucker anyway?

Sharon doesn't look upset, I wonder if she was in on it with Victor, maybe it was a scheme by Victor to kick Tucker off his board and get Jack in financial trouble so he could get BON back hmmmmmmm
I hope sharon is in on it too, though she should not have slept with "Tucker, the FKR". She needs her character to be Redeemed :makeout: . I don't care how FKD up MAB made sharons character, Sharon is still my girl. We have to remember that MAB got Fired for FKN :flipoff: UP, Period. Maybe the new writers will put Sharon with a "Real Man" :makeout:. A man who will treat her like a lady, & not a FKN door mat, & use her for their own financial Gain. :applause: :cheer: :rockon:
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