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Sep 23 2012, 08:21 AM
Sep 23 2012, 07:51 AM
Sep 23 2012, 06:42 AM
The show really has become The Days of Rafe......everyone who thought EJ was featured too much can now rest easy, because Rafe has taken his place. He's in a story with Sami, he's in a story with Nicole, he has a story with Gabi, he has a story with EJ, he's had scenes with Lucas, Brady, Kate. He's been on almost every day.......and the more he's on, the more viewers tune out. Coincidence? I don't think so.
not really if it rafe show it still ej more ej show
ej was that week feature the most he was everyday in that week

and they stuff about rafe apply to ej too He's in a story with Sami, he's in a story with Nicole, he will have story with Gabi since will have blackmail rafe of what gabi did , he has a story with rafe he's had scenes with Lucas, , Kate,chad ,mealnie hope and
he was been in will story that his own father lucas
with Jennifer ,and Billie that they both sisters of lucas and since he came back to town he did not have scenes alone with them at all

nobody took ej place at best rafe sharing the spot with him

its more ejrafesami show than anything although ej still feature more than sami and rafe
How many scenes has EJ had with Nicole? He may be tangentially involved in her story, but he's not talking to her....Rafe has the scenes. How many scenes do you think EJ will have with Gabi? I predict zero. Again, he may be in the story, but I'll bet he won't be physically present. Meanwhile, Rafe is everywhere.

Just to clarify, I am talking about the scenes since the CH.

first all what it ch?

is it since tomlin came back

nicole barly have scenes with ej while have tons with rafe its was mardr that way it will be easier to push on ej and sami

nicole been more on daniel orbit tha rafe since tomlin took over despite right now it seem rafe bit more than ej but seem tomlin slowly downsize them and while slowly grow more scenes with ej and nicole

and ej everywhere too just like rafe

ej in almost every stoy too

chad mealnie nick-ej advice to chad what to do with nick which seem to help chad lose it
sami-despite sami favor rafe over him it very much in the story and not going anytime soon
nicole-he not share lot scenes with nicole yet but he is pretty much is story and i still think down the line he have more scenes with nicole

nicole -share scenes with nicole but it seem the slowly downsize scenes with nicole
i sure with tomlin in charge rafe lot less scenes with nicole because its does not want to remind the viewers it fault nicole it that mess he said he the father of nicole baby and nicole did not asking him to do that to make nicole the bad gut that took advantage of generosity of rafe to her while he reunited with sami
sami -he very much in sami story
he may share 3 0r 4 scenes with gabi since tomlin came but most them all about rafe still love sami crap nothing about gabi story he proably will on gabi later but so does ej ej will be in kristen story too

ej is also blame just as rafe share scenes with characters that should share their scences with other characters before rafe or ej and be more in the storyline than ej or rafe
both ej and rafe sucks the airtime the storyline and life from the show while so many characters on show does not have storyline or barly have airtime

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