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Sep 23 2012, 09:51 AM
Sep 23 2012, 09:39 AM
Sep 23 2012, 09:13 AM
Can someone explain to me how flipping the calendar back to Safe is going to help Days earn a renewal, because when I looked up the numbers I became even further confused? :drunk:

Thanksgiving week 2010 (Safe's wedding, interrupted by EJole taking custody of Johnny & Sidney) - HHs: 1.8 - 18-49: 0.9 - 18-34: 0.7

Thanksgiving week 2011 (EJami grief sex) - HHs: 1.9; 18-49: 1.1; 18-34: 0.8

A month later, during the week after Christmas (which is traditionally highest rated of year and included Safe renewing their wedding vows at HTS), 18-49 had fallen 0.2 to 0.9, and 18-34 had plunged 0.3 to a dismal 0.5.

If TomSell are dead set against EJami, that's one thing, but this unbending determination to play it Safe is another. Where are Sony and NBC in all of this? They cannot be pleased with how quickly the new/old team squandered all the momentum gained by the Olympic cliffhanger. :badmood:
Why didnt you go back another year to 09? Safe was on back then too?

I found it:

3. Days of Our Lives NBC 2.2/07

DAYS has been getting 1.7s- 1.9 all last year. Beastsex wasnt a watershed event. DAYS did get 1.9 before it happen:

3. Days of Our Lives NBC 1.9/06

I dont care for SAFE and at this point I barely care for DAYS, but if you're going to say that EJ and Sami being together was some kind of ratings juggernaut, then the proof is not there. How about this past Spring and Summer? They were heavily featured, was it all 1.9s then?

(I checked that too...1.7s-1.9s...and a 1.6)


The ratings will fluctuate between those numbers because at this point, I dont think no one couple, event, return, is going to have a sustaining ratings impact. In fact the only year consistently at 2.0s was 2009 (and it wasnt a EJ and Sami year.) ;)

Because EJ and Sami were in play too, along with Safe and EJole. EJ wasn't shown to be the Sydnapper until January 2010. Until then, anyone with any familiarity with soaps would assume that the parents would be reunited when their child was found. :shrug:
I disagree. EJole were the couple in love, SAFE were the couple in love. But it was a STORY...beginning, middle and end. People watched because it was entertaining. DAYS hasnt been entertaining in a long time.

If you want to go with familiarity, then no, soaps dont usually reunite a rapist with his victim. EJ and Sami didnt even like each other after they got Syd and right away their was suspicion surrounding EJ being the sydnapper.

You can say SAFE is boring, but at this point any couple is boring. Its all interchangeable. I few handshakes there, a couple of dresses and the "small purse" here, and presto, there you have the couple of the moment.
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