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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepNIELSEN RATINGS: WEEK OF NOVEMBER 23-NOVEMBER 27, 2009
3. Days of Our Lives NBC 2.2/07

DAYS has been getting 1.7s- 1.9 all last year. Beastsex wasnt a watershed event. DAYS did get 1.9 before it happen:

3. Days of Our Lives NBC 1.9/06

I dont care for SAFE and at this point I barely care for DAYS, but if you're going to say that EJ and Sami being together was some kind of ratings juggernaut, then the proof is not there. How about this past Spring and Summer? They were heavily featured, was it all 1.9s then?

(I checked that too...1.7s-1.9s...and a 1.6)

I disagree. EJole were the couple in love, SAFE were the couple in love. But it was a STORY...beginning, middle and end. People watched because it was entertaining. DAYS hasnt been entertaining in a long time.

If you want to go with familiarity, then no, soaps dont usually reunite a rapist with his victim.
Days has many times. My mom was a huge fan of the Bill/Laura/Mickey triangle, and Sami and Austin have been reunited as lovers several times in my lifetime. Besides, if the audience was offended by EJ & Sami, the demos wouldn't jump up when they finally share screen time as romantic interests. :rolleyes:
Thats twice, not "many times." Also, both those times had good stories. With the Bill/Laura SL, it was so well written and Bill suffered through a lot of turmoil all those years. I'm watching the old clips and I see why lots of people were/are fans...it was a good story written by one of the masters of soap writing, William Bell.

With Austin and Sami, she never got him. In the end, Carrie won out as how it should be. Sami was the villain in that trio and she never would win Austin. His heart will always be Carrie's.

The ZZZ EJ and Sami saga is written on toilet paper and has more holes then swiss cheese. No depth, no remorse, no growth, actually, it got worse after the rape, not better.

These redeemer/victim sl work when a writer takes care to craft a good story where not just the uberfans are going to like it. Most of the audience have to think its believable. That hasnt happened in a long time.

As for the ratings argument you make again, I have proven to you that no, EJ and Sami dont bring in consistent ratings, but you can think of however you want to think about the pairing you like. I just showed you the numbers. Agree to disagree...
What numbers am I missing? EJ and Sami had a handful of episodes together this year before July, nothing that comes close to all the romantic moments and numerous sex scenes that Safe and EJole in past year. I do agree that story matters, and I believe that's what has hurt EJole. However, Safe has had one "create a supercouple" storyline after another - hiding from an assassin, Grace's death, Rafe's mysteriously dead fiance, the baby switch, Sidney kidnapped two more times, Sidney's fake death, Sami tries to murder her ex, Johnny's cancer, Rafe's kidnapped and cloned, etc., etc., etc.
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