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Sep 21 2012, 04:55 PM
Sep 21 2012, 01:29 AM
I realize I'm being daft here but what evidence would be lingering in the files that Jennifer could find but EJ couldn't? Does the original test have a note on it reading "this document has been revised"?

These stories are all so one note. Not that it's much different than the past five years but it keeps me scratching my head in amazement. No wonder it seems like most of the actors are phoning it in on any given day.
I might be completely wrong but I'm guessing that this is just a really flimsy way to open up paternity dramas for Chloe/Dan and Sami/EJ/Lucas. They've been dropping anvils about this and so I'm guessing that Jenn discovers a whole heap of discrepencies. How? I've got no idea unless she starts redoing the tests herself? :shrug:

I agree with all those who have said that it would have been nice if she'd done some investigating when Jack was missing. In my alternative Salem her DNA snooping would discover that the DNA of the body in the elevator wasn't a match for Jack - I wouldn't care how flimsy the premise if that was the result. :D
It does sound like they're going there. We had the spoiler about Jennifer is involved in an incident that would rock all of Salem and EJ just said to Rafe the other day about him and Sami sharing two kids. And what about the picture of Sydney being in Nicole bag and Sami seeing it and asking about it? Finding out that Johnny is really Lucas' would be an explosive story to tell and I think they want to clear the way for Sami to have Rafe's child. If Lucas found out Johnny was his he probably want custody to get to know his son and I could see Sami agreeing to it and that would free her of one less child in her household. Wow, we might really get this story. :cheers:
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