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I thought I would come in hating Skupin and he would be the new alpha male the show loves to shove down our throats, in addition, I think Skupin is an arrogant prick based on some of the stories I've heard of him, but I actually liked him last night.

I also like how they had to swim/raft to shore like back in the old days. It felt a bit like old school survivor to me. I really want the show to go back to its roots. I'm with you though Manny about the returnees. It would be nice if the show brought back some past female contestants and not just the men.

Did anyone else think Lisa reminded you of Kathy from Marquesas? I feel like she's kinda getting the same edit. Strong motherly edit who is on the outs within her tribe. I hope she can find a way to survive.

That Dawson chick is beyond cute with her figuring out that Jeff was a baseball player. She should use that to her advantage like Danni did in Guatemala with Gary.
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