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Oh Danny <3

I thought instantly of Kathy from Marquesas when watching Lisa's edit. And actually now that I've heard Lisa got divorced literally right before she went on Survivor, that explains the rough beginning for her and her isolation from everyone.

I need to re-watch the premiere a bit but I LOVE Malcolm. I think he's great. I also think Abi-Maria is interesting. I've heard "villain" be said about both of them, but I like them both. I love Malcolm and Denise's alliance. Denise is awesome.

I feel like they did a pretty good job of casting this season. HOWEVER, I'm usually pretty impressed the first two episodes but by episodes 3 and 4, it all turns to shit for a few episodes until the merge hits and then it gets interesting again. Ever notice that trend? And any guesses which players will become invisible for nearly the entire season? LOL

Pete and Angie are ... damn. Hot.As.Hell. Both of them. Wow. And I like them both. I think even Pete could play a bit of the villain role, but I see him so getting played by RC and Abi-Maria at somepoint. I just feel it. I think those girls will be trouuuuuuble. And speaking of that ... back to Lisa, I totally sense that she and Mike are going to partner up. I think if anyone's in trouble, it's Artis, unless Mike and Lisa work with him and manage to sway RC or Abi to switch their votes around.

And on the blue tribe, I like Angie and Roxy's little pairing. I loved their annoyance at Russell, who WAS becoming obnoxious. I thought Zane was hilarious. I was sorry to see him go instead of Russell. I admit the editors did a decent job of it being a toss-up who would go. I see Russell easily going before Mike or Penner. I just don't see what game Russell has going for him.

And on the red tribe ... poor Penner lol. He's so desperate and he's already rubbing the tribe the wrong way. HOWEVER, anyone remember how Coach was "dead man walking" when he returned but then became the cult leader and lasted until the end? I felt the exact same edit was used. So we will see. I hope Penner lasts and stirs some stuff up.

Anyway ... essay over. I like the cast (so far). I don't mind the returnees (so far). The location is interesting. I liked the classic marooning and forcing them to paddle to their island. I love how the idol is in plain sight. Though I HATE the idol is still around and that there could be three of them in play at some point. PLEASE change the idol around. Overall, good premiere and I feel like the casting is pretty good and it helps tremendously that there are three tribes. It's much easier to more quickly get to know everyone. Definitely felt a bit like old school Survivor.
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