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engrady pind

I thought it was a done deal that the 2 Todds' story was going to be resolved on GH. Wouldn't that involve bringing the men face to face and not just Howath talking about the resolution?

I like Todd Manning on GH. He's a brat but very open about it. He's not a repulsive, repugnant psycho like Franco was (I never want to see or hear of this gawdawful character again), or a totally lacking in credibility villain like Jerry Jax. I would love to see Todd go head to head with Sonny Corinthos. I like his interaction with Johnny but want to see him come out on top since Johnny has slid into perdition with his family patriarch. I think he is going to be a hoot when Lucy Coe comes back to Port Charles to take over Kate's magazine. I wonder if Lucy still has her duck.
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