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Sep 23 2012, 02:24 PM
Sep 23 2012, 01:35 PM
Is it bad that I find it hilarious that no one likes Jen Jen anymore or as one of my homegirls called her recently, "Jenny from the Horton Block"? LMAO. I find it hilarious that this beloved character who was 1/2 of a super couple has fallen from grace, because I feel like all they have done over the years is pimp her and throw Jack to the wolves. I'd take Jack back any day and Jenny can go have her teenage fantasy dream of getting the hunky jock Doc.
The sad thing is that the writers didn't mean to destroy her! They actually thought they were keeping her in character. To be honest I don't think she can ever be redeemed unless they do bring Jack back and she does the running after him. Even if she saves a boatload of children and their puppies, people will just be angry that she couldn't give Jack the same support and compassion.
Unfortunately for Jenn the higher your pedestal the further you fall.
And the higher you build someone else's pedestal, the further they fall too. Jen-Jen's whining this week about how she wanted everyone to be perfect and wonderful and never to disappoint her had me rolling my eyes for more than one reason. First because it's such a juvenile expectation to have, more in keeping with a child or an airheaded teenager with no life experience than a woman of 40+ with a long-term marriage to a man who was a walking study in shades of gray, two children, and plenty of exposure to the fact that people aren't perfect and neither is the world they live in. And after all this time, Jen-Jen is finally realizing how unfair and demanding her expectations of perfection are--and all because Dr. Douche porked Nicole and lied about some DNA test results? GMAB!

Second, what about the ways in which Jennifer has disappointed people? What about the ways she fell short or failed to come through for them in their time of need? What gives her the right to demand perfection from others and judge them harshly for not living up to that standard when she herself has let people--most notably, her PTSD-stricken husband--down?

I just can't like, respect, or even have much interest in a character who's so incapable of self-examination, reflection, or growth. And I despise the shallow, fickle, self-absorbed, self-righteous twat Jennifer has become in her third run. I know I'm not the first to state this, but the wrong Deveraux died.
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