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Sep 23 2012, 12:11 PM
Sep 23 2012, 11:44 AM
Changing Johnny's paternity is completely unnecessary. EJ is the only father he has ever known. EJ was the one by his side when he lost his eye. Changing his father now would serve only to hurt the child. I love Lucas, but EJ has been a great father to Johnny. Plus what purpose would it really serve? EJ would still be tied to Sami with Sydney.
It's not real life. No child is going to be hurt by changing the paterntiy. It's about storyline. There's a hell of a lot storyline in Johnny not being EJ's and Nicole having the true DiMera male heir. And it doesn't have to be about undoing EJ and Sami having children together, Sydney can stay theirs. Although, Nicole was staying with Sami when Rafe took the toothbrush to prove maternity...........just saying. :D
We'll have to agree to disagree because I do believe that little Johnny would have got hurt. And a talented writer could write drama without resorting to paternity changes. There's been too many paternity switches in the last few years, at this point it's getting tiresome.
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