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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

I wouldn't want my fellow DR members to think I was yanking chains, SO Here is one of the links Notice the 2010 dates they were sent was a little after the Emmy guess that non-SC fan was still a tad bit mad. :biggrin:


@victoriarowell so why did you invite MS to your "High Tea" AFTER the spitting incident?

@victoriarowell surely there is more going on in your pitiful life besides you moaning/ groaning about Y&R? put on your thong & go live life

@michaelmuhney question, what does your wife think of you pimping Sharon Case like you are doing her? you know there is talk about you 2

LMFAO! :bump: SC didn't have twitter yet so as u see VR got a lil bit of the brunt too.
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