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These ratings just prove Days needs to stop playing music chairs and get some more solid stories. Is it so hard just for one good solid A story for a while that isn't about solidly about people breaking up, which couple will make it, getting together, lame angst for two people blah blah.

Right now, it's Daniel/Jen getting together eventually and nicole making drama.

Rafe/Sami vs EJ/Sami. enough said. Don't even get into that debate. Not worth it.

Sonny and Will (which is actually a half decent couple story minus gabi's small part in it so i'll forgive that in the couple story area. it's actually not just music chairs)

Then the Abby and Cam stuff. Same thing. Will they make it or not etc.

The only semi non couple story about making or breaking is Nick and the aftermath gabi stuff. Which is related to Mel/Chad as a couple and getting married anyway.

Then we got the Nicole baby story and the lie thing, but that's pretty low key stuff that's still related back to couples anyway.

Bo and Hope's stuff about the new direction for Bo etc, is so minor I can't even count it.

Then Lucas and Billie and the other characters just pop up to pimp a couple really or give hints about the couple stories.

No wonder Days is such a mess.

Honestly a fan of the show, I'll be happy if the couples I want to get together, but if it's just about if they get together or not, it gets far too easy not to even care because it's all just fixed/teased/building couples and then damaged then back and repeat.

The reason Days used to be good is because it had lots of different stories that crossed and you never felt like it was just about if your couple got together or not. Instead it was about a journey, a story and lots of things happening. Growth in stories and connecting them together, not just plot point to plot point to get certain couples. As much as I hated sometimes the Salem Stalker and JER's writing for example, at least it wasn't just about if so and so got together, then let's please this fanbase and get these two together. Same with the John and Marlena affair. It wasn't about just if they got together: it was about how their previous story got them to the point of cheating. How the baby complicated things. How it affected other characters and their relationships with other people and themselves and the aftermath it caused. Why did the characters to what they did, why did certain characters act that way to the affair. etc. It was very complex and affected a LOT of ppl. Sure it got them together in the end and sure it was basically about a couple, but it never felt like ohh will Marlena be with Roman or John...stay tuned. :ermm:

So with that reason for the rating being explained, in my opinion (I went off on a huge tangent, sorry about that). I'm hoping the new characters coming back/ returning can spice this up and bring back some actual story.
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