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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

^^That's because the show and JER didn't bother writing for the 'fan bases' they wrote the story that made the most sense and if the couple had chemistry they build up the story so that the audience wouldn't be scratching their head saying WTF just happened. This is exactly what I have been doing since about about May or so (scratching my head saying WTF is happening). They didn't slowly build up Ejami AT ALL, they quickly turned them from hating one another to being friendly while drinking wine and talking good sex. Two people that had so much toxicity at that time to at least spend a few MONTHS talking about what they had done to one another since 2010, and trying to get past it, but they didn't have those conversations, they just started making out one day, so it just seemed forced and contrived whatever they tried to do with them. Jump ahead now to what is taking place now. Here we are with Safe now taking the place of Ejami with some fans complaining that this just came out of nowhere, that they haven't even discussed how he seemed way too attracted to Carrie back then to even try to make his relationship with Sami work, but here they are all of a sudden tripping over one another and kissing each other, trying to see if there is something there.

Someone else said this a while back, that when you write contrived bullshit for any pairing it doesn't do any justice for the show, and that might work fine if it's your couple getting that writing but sooner or later the pairing that you don't like is going to get the same type of contrived bullshit writing too. So it does no one any favors, it hurts the show. PERIOD.

You can't measure ratings on a week or two spike, ratings are measured over time, you look for a trend, moderate gains over time. If the show is able to hold the audience a month or so after a big spike in the ratings then the show is doing something right.
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September 10-14 2012 Ratings · General Daytime News