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Me too! I'm actually looking forward to watching Y&R again. It was so sad what MAB turned the show into.

It was a pretty good interview and very thorough, I thought. It's also confirmation about Jen Landon and, sadly, Christel Khalil. She's staying. Sigh.

So the axe is done falling? I do doubt that. But he really believes Ronan has ties and legs? I guess in a sense, but that's if Griffith and JFP will keep Nina around. I don't get why Jeff Branson wasn't axed. Same for Darnell Williams. Sounds like they want to salvage the Tucker character. Meh. I'm glad Stephen Nichols has a job still, but the character is a waste. Just like Harmony and Genevieve. Sofia SHOULD just be a supporting, recurring character. I like her but she's not a lead.

I'm glad Griffith and Phelps recognize, for the most part, who the core of the show is and who the action should be centered around. I love the positivity surrounding Jill and Jess. She has to be encouraged by the support because it was clear she wasn't getting it from MAB. And I'm glad Katherine is coming out of retirement. Was it Cooper's choice or MAB sidelining Katherine? I know Cooper had health issues in the past, and unfortunately, she's not a spring chicken anymore :( That's why Jill's place should be recemented on the canvas to take over whenever the day comes ... Anyway ....

I still feel worried Doug Davidson isn't necessarily safe. And they killed off his son (well, MAB) and are writing out his continually badly miscast daughter Heather (they should have just kept Vail Bloom). Not a great sign.

They seem invested in Neil, which is nice. I feel he's been neglected for all of MAB's run. Even with the Malcolm and Sofia storyline. Wasn't there weeks on end when we didn't even see them?

I feel we can at least trust Josh with Y&R and JFP seems just as gungho so I feel this is going to be positive for the show, however, we shouldn't expect miracles and we all know there are going to be storylines we hate and decisions they make we will hate. EVERY regime does and will continue to do so. But we always get shocked and angry every time, LOL.
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