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I'm sure she will come back. They seem invested in Janine and I haven't seen or heard anything where Charlie Brooks is ready to move on or anything. I do think it's ridiculous that they let stars out for so many months but I do like the somewhat "rotation" factor that it gives the canvas and it helps to rest big characters, which I feel the US soaps largely overdose us on beyond belief.

And I feel like Derek is Kat's lover because the affair IS creepy. I just feel like Derek is the type to try and "buy" Kat and he sees her as less than him. It is sad if Kat is degrading herself for Derek. I hope not but the evidence, in my mind, points directly at Derek. Though I suppose it could still be Michael. I don't see it being Max or Jack and isn't Ray already eliminated? I would have liked that. Ray would have been interesting, IMO. However, I like Kim and Kat's friendship so I'm glad that's not being ruined.

Since I can't keep up with the comings and goings isn't Jo Joyner taking a break or did she just have one? And are they really bringing on Cora's other daughter. I'd imagine that would be what sends Tanya out of town for a while?

And how long has June Brown been gone already? I've only watched since August. Is a typical leave usually always six months (under normal leave circumstances)?
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