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Ok I'm a bit upset at the moment... Jack's been got rid of with a story that came out of nowhere and had no buildup, Bo's being sent off with what looks like an Admin case.
If JS is on the way out I want a great story.

If I can't get Ejole and JS is not renewing I want him to go out not as the wimpy loser to SAFE but with the ultimate Sami slap in the face.

Ejarrie. So far the one thing Ejami has always had to hold onto is that EJ has never wanted Carrie over Sami that needs to change.

Carrie comes back to town to work on a case and grieve after losing the baby, not being able to make things work with Austen due to her guilt over Rafe.

Sami instead of being supportive that her sister has lost her child and marriage gets defensive about the reunited Safe. Huge fights. Despite Rafe knowing Carrie is in the right he tells her he can't support her - his marriage is more important.

Carrie alone at the pier ( Horton Town Square doesn't seem appropriate for melancholy) meets up with EJ. They discuss the grief associated with losing a child. The anger at having almost had everything they ever wanted and losing it due to being mixed up with Rafe and Sami. The toxicity of Sami. EJ politely asks Carrie where he can take her home to with a mention about not being able to leave her on the pier due to it being an area where "undesirables" gather. Carrie says she can't face her family, and she's sick of the hotel walls can she come back to the Dimera mansion with him.. he talks about her virtue... she talks about the multiple rooms available. Finally she convinces him to take her back to the mansion. When they get back to the mansion they talk about the weight of their families. She finally yawns. He says time for bed. He takes her to the room Anna used to use when she was there. They talk about Anna and Tony and their love for each other and how they were fiery but made each other happy. He goes to leave... she says no...he says you'll regret this... she says some line about being a grown woman and knowing what she wants.(this all occurs in the bedroom not on the couch)

Wake in the morning . Discussion on how good it is to wake up in someone arms without all the history of the relationship gone wrong weighing them down.. more... discussion on keeping things to themselves to see how things develop without the weight of opinions. EJ goes to get breakfast.. apologises for quality of breakfast (which actually looks fabulous)... "If this is going to be a secret we can't let the staff be preparing breakfast".

Secret affair goes on for a while with various spontaneous catch ups... Sami starts getting suspicious that both EJ and Carrie are seperately happy and in reasonably good place. EJ and Carrie are on opposite sides of a case. Sami sees EJ being charming to Carrie. She warns Carrie that he is probably manipulating her to win the case. Carrie confronts EJ about Sami's concerns. He explains to Carrie "the extents to which he will go to to win a case (about some minor unimportant manner) I am extremely intelligent an entirely dilligent lawyer I want the best for my Client but the only thing I'm interested in doing with this case is proving to you how good I am at what I do " ...(confrontation occurs in the bedroom)

Sami finally catches them out and realises the two are involved. Does numerous things to try and break them up. Convinces Rafe that EJ is up to no good with Carrie. Finally reaches confrontation point on the pier (again Horton Town Square doesn't seem appropriate). Sami tries to break them up again.. EJ says why do you care.. you are happy with Rafe.. I have moved on let us have our happiness. Sami says no I have to protect my sister from you.. EJ "since when have you cared about protecting your sister... since when have you cared about the happiness of anyone other than yourself. Is that why you are making it your lifes mission to keep Eric and Nicole from having happiness. Carrie explain they are happy together. Sami and Rafe say no he is manipulating you he is the devil he will make you miserable. EJ steps in front of Carrie and says we are not miserable.. we have got you out of our lives.. we are happy and we are going to continue being happy and there is nothing you can do to stop that. He turns around to walk off with Carrie. Sami shoots him in the back of the head. EJ falls forward on top of Carrie she falls to the ground and knocks her head. Rafe puts a second gun in EJ's hand so they can claim it was defense.

Carrie wakes up in hospital with only memory of EJ's face contorted in shock and pain falling/lunging towards her. EJ is in a coma. She and the rest of town believe Rafe and Sami's story about EJ being about to attack them. Carrie consults with Marlena. Carrie continues to be drawn to EJ's room says she can't understand why but its the only place she feels where she is at peace beside him. Again discusses with Marlena. Carrie begins to experience headaches, nausea, tiredness.. (yes you guessed it). She begins to remember her times with EJ and more of the evening. She confronts Sami about her memories. Sami calls her a slut and shouldn't she have used protection. Its her own fault for lying down with the devil. Carrie tries to tell others but they still believe she is confused from the accident and can't come to terms with how the conception of the child occured. Carrie confronts EJ who is still in coma tells him about being pregnant he vaguely stirs and points towards the camera int he corner of the room. Finally Carrie remembers the CCTV cameras (yes again) she gets the footage of the night. Sami and Rafe's lies are exposed. EJ comes out of coma. Rafe is dismissed from Salem PD again. EJ and Carrie work towards getting sole custody of Johnny and Sydney which is reasonably easy given Sami and Rafe are both unemployed and potentially facing charges. Sami trades off children for reduced charges. EJ and Carrie decide they and the children need a fresh start elsewhere where they can be the family that EJ and Carrie always wanted to have.

On the way out we can have Sami screeching about how "EJ you can't take my children.. I am a good mother.. You can't take my children"
"They are our children Samanther, and I haven't taken them this is all due to your actions. Its not even everything you have done that makes you unworthy as their parent its the fact that you still think you are a good mother after everything that you have done to your children that means they are better off with Carrie and me."
"you haven't won EJ .. this isn't over .. you haven't won. I still have Rafe.. Rafe loves me..he's the one I love"
" You don't know how to love Samanther.. Rafe isn't someone you love.. he's a goon you use to clean up all of your messes. You pay him off with a bit of sex. promises of behaving better in the future, and the possibility of being part of a family luckily for you he hasn't got enough clues to work out what you are truly capable of".
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