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Hit Rewind.
Tuesday, September 25 2012 sheknows

Victor's loved ones cope with his death, Kevin appeals to Billy, and Victor's memory is jogged.

At the Club bar, Jack tells Cane that Beauty of Nature's at risk if he can't come up with the margin call. Phyllis arrives and asks what's wrong. Jack says, "Victor." She wonders what he did now. Jack replies, "He died." After, Cane worries about the damage to Jabot if word gets out Jack can't pay his debt. Jack muses that they haven't merged the companies - there may be a way to fix this.

Nikki tells Nick, at the ranch, that she went there to be close to Victor. She cries that she thought he would come back. Phyllis arrives, saying she just heard. Nikki leaves, and Nick goes into Phyllis' arms. Nick tells her he's determined to learn what happened in L.A. They call the kids.

At home, Billy asks Vikki what he can do. She tells him, "Hit rewind." She wants her dad back. He admits that when he went to L.A. it was because he had a lead on Victor. When he went to bring him back, it was too late. Billy slips away to call Gen and warn her to keep quiet - his marriage is on the line. Kevin arrives while Vikki's upstairs and asks what happened to Victor. Billy says he was too late and warns him to keep quiet. Kevin thinks Billy should tell Vikki the truth. Billy doesn't want to break up his family. Vikki comes down and Kevin expresses his condolences. Michael calls about Victor's body being at the morgue.

Chelsea sits with Adam in their living room as he realizes that his child will never know either of his parents. Adam talks about how Victor was different with Hope. Chelsea says, "Redeemed by the love of a good woman." Adam feels it's something they have in common. Adam wonders if he's like Victor. They agree they didn't like him very much, but Chelsea asks if he wants to name the baby Victor. The baby kicks.

In Tucker's office, he and Sharon discuss Victor dying. Tucker assures her they'll get through this. Sharon recalls when Victor was her only supporter. She gets a call that Victor's body's at the morgue. She tells Tucker she'll go alone. After, Sofia arrives, upset about all the stock they bought. Tucker says once he consolidates, he'll have a major holding at Newman, where Sharon will need to step aside for him to take over. Jack arrives and says he bet on Newman stock and lost. Tucker says he didn't leverage anything. Jack asks if he wants to buy Beauty of Nature. Tucker tells Sofia to draft the papers. Jack signs Beauty of Nature away.

Katherine finds Nikki in the chapel asking, "Why?" They embrace, and talk about wanting answers. Kay is surprised that Billy provided a phone number for him. Nikki sobs, "He said my name."

At the morgue, Sharon tells the coroner no one else is coming. He warns her the body is badly burned so they haven't made a positive ID. She gasps when he lifts the sheet and asks for a moment alone. She hisses, "It's not you. What do you want Victor? Do you want the world to think you're dead?" The coroner returns and she tells him the body is Victor's and he should be cremated immediately.

Back at Tucker's place, Sharon asks him what's going to happen to the company. He says together they'll make it stronger than ever. He suggests they make it legal. "Marry me." Sharon agrees.

At the Abbott house, Kyle comforts Abby. He can relate because of his mom. Abby says having Victor helped when she lost Brad - now they're both gone. Outside, Jack tells Cane by phone about Beauty of Nature. He enters and holds the sobbing Abby. Jack tells her for a lot of complicated reasons, he wishes Victor hadn't died.

Nikki, Victoria, Billy, and Nick arrive at the morgue. The coroner tells them Sharon already sent the body to be cremated. Nikki vows to kill her.

Sister Celeste asks Genevieve, in the bedroom, why Christian called her 'Genevieve'. Celeste is worried about being able to trust her. She answers a knock and a worker invites her to a prayer service for Christian. She returns to the bedroom, where Victor says he is nauseous and his name is Christian Miller. Gen sends Celeste for ice and researches concussions. When Celeste returns, Gen says they'll have to keep a close watch on him. Celeste leaves for the service. Victor asks Gen, "Is this the orphanage?" When Gen takes Billy's call, Victor asks if it was Nikki. He says he remembers Nikki calling before, and when prompted, talks about a farm or ranch, horses, and a blonde woman. Finally, he remembers that his name is Victor Newman.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells Tucker, "This is going to be a perfect day. I bury one husband, and then get a shiny new one."

Jack tells Kyle, "I lost a lot more than I expected."

Nikki tells Neil and Katherine, "Her ultimate goal will be to have this all over with so she can forget Victor ever existed."
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