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Hi Lumi,

I think that scene was rated one of Day's steamiest! Even BD stated his grandma was angry with him for doing such a raunchy scene. Although I knew Lucas was no boy scout, before that time, I never figured him as the type to engage in elevator sex, he seemed to classy for that in a way, so did Chloe, guess I was wrong. Plus I figured he wouldn't want to hurt Phillip, the way Austin hurt him. Guess I was wrong again . Remember when Nicole who was drunk overhear Chloe tell her mom she had elevator sex with Lucas( Who tells their mom that OMG!) , anyway she seemed impressed with both parties ! That was a funny scene.
Well Lucas did visit brothels along with Tony Dimera back in the day so elevator sex with a future hooker doesn't surprise me, lol. What did surprise me was that Lucloe still couldn't generate a substantial fanbase even with hot monkey elevator sex, haha.
Anybody think that if Stephanie had stayed around, or if Melanie was not a relation by marriage, Lucas would have had flings with either after Sami ran off with EJ during the explosion, despite the age gap. Knowing Lucas I bet he would have thought , "What the hell, they are legal, and I had Phillip's former babes before, what's two more!" When did Lucas visit whorehouses with Tony? I was taking college classes during that time, so I missed a lot.
I guess it might have been possible. Back in the day they used to bring in lots of day players for Lucas as temporary flings or one night stands. I guess they don't have the budget to do that anymore, lol. Or maybe Lucas has finally matured now that he has an adult son and a growing little girl and is not in the business of sleeping around anymore. That's possible as well. Back in 2003 I remember Club Echelon that Tony owned which Lucas visited once or twice. Pretty funny stuff.
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