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Sep 24 2012, 07:47 PM
Sep 24 2012, 01:10 PM
what im saying is that Will wont know he is the Dad. Gabi will lie and say its Nick
I don't think Gab will lie about the paternity of her baby.She just told Melanie the truth about her behavior even though it could result in her arrest based on what she heard Nick saying to Kayla.Gabi was shown to be sexually inexperienced with Will being her first lover.I can see her having sex with Nick and believing Nick to be the father of her baby which will allow Sonny and Will to become closer then later she and Nick find out he is not the father.
You know, with Will being gay and Nick being just out of jail and having a history of issues, there's actually potential for built in drama that doesn't involve lying about the baby's paternity or a sham marriage for a gay person.

Will could be fine with he and Gabi raising the kid as co-parents but not romantic partners, but he could be concerned with the idea of Nick as a step daddy, and while I love Nick that would be a fair concern.

Gabi could prefer new boyfriend, and Nick could offer to be a father to the kid. They could honestly believe it's better for the kid if Nick adopts him.

Sonny could worry that Will is too young to be a dad, but ultimately support his desire for parental rights.

I really don't see Will ever trying to pretend to have turned straight at this juncture, but there could be some interesting story here. Kish fans were robbed of a more drawn out custody drama, and we could see it here.

Again, there's no sign yet that Gabi is knocked up, but I'm still thinking there's a 90% chance she is.
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