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Sep 21 2012, 01:24 AM
Sep 20 2012, 06:14 PM
Jennifer lets Nicole know that she wants her out of the Horton house after the baby is born. Nicole responds by once again reminding Jennifer how close she and Daniel have gotten.

Ari says, "Jennifer doesn't believe that Daniel is actually into Nicole. She thinks that Nicole did something to make Daniel want to be with her."

At the hospital, Jennifer researches DNA labs. She wants to find proof that Nicole is using her pregnancy to manipulate Daniel. Her plan backfires when Daniel catches her digging into medical files. He is worried that Jennifer is getting close to uncovering that truth and warns her to back off. Jennifer agrees to stop, but once she is alone she resumes her investigation.

Nicole isn't aware of what Jennifer is doing, but sees Jennifer as trying to sabotage her and Daniel's relationship for her own selfish needs. Ari says, "It only adds to Nicole's stress, especially because EJ is also prying."
If Nicole wants to drive a wedge between Jennifer and Daniel,why doesn't Nicole just tell Daniel that Jennifer wants her out of her house?
What could Jennifer find in a medical file that would show that Nicole is manipulating Daniel? What could Jennifer do with whatever she finds that would expose Nicole,help Daniel,and not result in her getting fired/sued for violating patient privacy rights?This appears to be stupid and Jennifer continues to be the most repulsive character on the show.Jennifer,leave the damn files alone and check on your daughter.

Only caregivers and staff directly involved in a patient's care are allowed access to a patient's private medical information/records. Information is no longer even released to family members without express permission of the patient, or unless they have been documented as the patient's health care proxy.

Emphasis on health information privacy (also known as HIPPA) is HUGE during orientation to a new position in a hospital or health care setting. Employees also are required to participate in regular ongoing education about HIPPA. Jennifer should be well aware of this.

Not only should Jennifer get fired for snooping, but she opens herself up to huge civil and/or criminal penalties. She could be subjected to large fines, imprisonment, or both.

"Criminal Penalties. A person who knowingly obtains or discloses individually identifiable health information in violation of the Privacy Rule may face a criminal penalty of up to $50,000 and up to one-year imprisonment. The criminal penalties increase to $100,000 and up to five years imprisonment if the wrongful conduct involves false pretenses, and to $250,000 and up to 10 years imprisonment if the wrongful conduct involves the intent to sell, transfer, or use identifiable health information for commercial advantage, personal gain or malicious harm. The Department of Justice is responsible for criminal prosecutions under the Privacy Rule."


It doesn't matter what Jennifer suspects. It's not her place to go snooping. If she feels that strongly about it, she should bring her concerns to someone appropriate such as Kayla, or the hospital's legal counsel. But she's only interested in protecting Daniel and sweeping whatever he did under the carpet so that Nicole alone has to face consequences.

Ugh. Daniel is a big boy and chose to get involved in this mess. He is not a victim here. Jennifer should mind her own damn business.

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