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Ok, thoughts:

Sami and Marlena made me want to scream. They are NOT tight and that is because SlamPig was hell-bent on forever being a bitch to Marlena. Though I did liek that Marlena did NOT say Sami was a GREAT mother like everyone else always seems to do. She basically just said she's a mother. Still, the implication was there and that always infuriates me because Sami has NEVER been a good mother!! NEVER! The kids on the show don't even look comfortable around her, which makes it all the more glaring lol But I remember vividly Will's upbringing. She was horrid. And she still is!!!

Nicole actually made Rafe tolerable today. Impressive.

Will & Sonny- Awwwwwwwwwww

Chad is such a douche lol Couldn't have even washed the blood off his fist before running to Mel lol Ugh. Go get him, Gabi.

Nick and Kayla were GREAT!

LMFAO- Sami's big date. OMG that dress was hideous, but that wasn't even what caught my eye first...What caught my eye was her pasty white back and her BRIGHT ORANGE nasty tits!!! LOL What? Did Taniel use all the spray tan so they could only cover half of the Beast? LMFAO!!!!!!
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