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Sep 25 2012, 08:47 AM
Ok, thoughts:

Sami and Marlena made me want to scream. They are NOT tight and that is because SlamPig was hell-bent on forever being a bitch to Marlena. Though I did liek that Marlena did NOT say Sami was a GREAT mother like everyone else always seems to do. She basically just said she's a mother. Still, the implication was there and that always infuriates me because Sami has NEVER been a good mother!! NEVER! The kids on the show don't even look comfortable around her, which makes it all the more glaring lol But I remember vividly Will's upbringing. She was horrid. And she still is!!!
This show doesn't give a rat's ass about history or logistics. Sami and Marlena should not HAVE these little chit chats sittin' at the pub. Seriously? They are so freaking different that... just let them be seperate. I know they're mother and daughter, but Marlena has tried for 20 freaking years only to be spat at every single time. I miss the "If you don't have anything nice to say, just be quiet" Marlena we saw little glimpses of under MarDar. Time to just let it go.

It fits Sami to be an awful mother because AS seems uncomfortable acting opposite the kids. It's not her fault, but the writers should just use it to their advantage and play on the history that Sami was a mother who saw no fault in using her child to get what SHE herself wanted.

Marlena, on the other hand - DH has always been very natural around children, and it fit the character because Marlena is, by nature, very maternal. We saw it with Donna, Carrie, Sami, Eric, Brady, Belle, the little we saw her actually interacting with Will it was very natural and Claire. Maternal. And it fits the character. Sami is not warm and fuzzy, and her history regarding Will is awful. So just play to it.
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