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Queen B
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Sammie Jo
Sep 25 2012, 09:10 AM
Sep 24 2012, 09:20 PM
I'm waiting for the miscarriage. You know the writers are going to spit that sh*t out.

I still don't understand why Tucker is proposing to Sharon.
because he'll be able to control little miss airhead, and do whatever he wants to do, which is bankrupt newman and take it over, and if sharon protests, all he has to do is wave his dick at her, and she'll forget about it. :D
October 12th that will start to change ;)

Tucker is the biggest scum bag in GC, I don't know how anyone could be a fan of that character honestly. Hes a pervert and he uses and controls women, he ain't even that good looking. Hes takes advantage of women who are mentally ill, he did it with Ashley.. and look what he did to her. And we also know there was a woman back in the day who was mentally ill that he was with. Now this thing with Sharon, it makes me sick! Actually none of these men on the show seem to care that Sharon is troubled right now. Thanks to MAB ONCE AGAIN.

I find it hilarious that the show is so fucked up now that ADAM of all people can be redeemed and forgiven, infact everyone in town pretty much kisses his feet the same way they do to Victor.
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