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Sep 25 2012, 02:38 PM
I'm on board the Nick and Gabi train! How telling when he called her his guardian angel. Will he be hers if she winds up with a secret pregnancy? Hmmm
I'm also impressed Gabi came forward on her own and confessed all to Melanie. I couldn't be happier Melanie is on her way out. I'm so burned out on her. I can understand Chad's freak out to keep Nick away from Melanie, but the guy has gone extreme. I'm kinda into Mad Chad just because he's been floating around as a nonentity for so long at least this gives him some color.

Rafe taking Sami to the PUB for their date night?! :laugh: I know it wasn't suppose to come across as a romantic evening, but the PUB?! Lame! Not only did this come across out of sync with the phone call he made setting up the evening it came across as though they couldn't be bothered to set up anything unique for those scenes. Honestly a side table outside at the overused HTS would have been a better choice. That said, I was glad to hear Sami talk about Ej in a way that makes sense with their history and the hesitancy between Rafe and Sami was well done. I actually liked Sami's dress.

Exactly what is Jennifer going to do with that list? How does that clue her in to anything? Do I even care? Give some story to the other characters on this show cuz Jennifer/Daniel is not doing it for me.
Agree with just about everything you said, though I hope Mad Chad doesn't make an enemy out of Will (a Brady) or Sonny (a Kiriakis), and as long as his storyline doesn't revolve around Nick or Gabi. As for Gabi, I'm loving her right now. She made a mistake, but she is living with it and moving on. I think the ONLY thing the writers are getting right is the pairing of Nabi. They ooze chemistry, unlike bland Cam and Abby. Glad Melanie is leaving. I liked her and Chad, but the new writers made them bland and showed them too much. I don't mind Dannifer, but their characters are...well, they have no character. And as for Safe's date? AWFUL! I love them as a couple, and the kiss was nice. It was great to see them trash-talking EJ and moving past their issues. HOWEVER, he should have taken her to Chez Rouge, or made a nice dinner at the loft. Heck, even a coffee date at Common Grounds would be good. They always go to the pub. I would rather have seen them on a date at the pier LOL. Why does Jennifer need to snoop? She is a total dumbass idiot right now. She should be comforting Abigail at home right now, especially since Abby just lost both her dad and her boyfriend. Jennifer should be mourning Jack, being at counseling, ANYTHING but snooping about Daniel. I mean, why was she even there when EJ was talking to Justin? She just showed up there for no reason?
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