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One of our favorites to stop by the podcast, Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel Jonas, “Days of our Lives“), never ceases to amaze me. While the continuing running gag that he is shirtless whenever he does the podcast, the actor did discuss with us about his woman issues with Nicole (Ari Zucker), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), and Melanie (Molly Burnett). Christian was also another “DAYS” cast member to visit Mohegan Sun, and we asked his thoughts on the return of Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin):

“It should be an awesome adventure. These two are quite a wild ride to begin with. They have HUGE opinions on both sides. I am very excited to have her come back. With the writers, I know Daniel and Chloe will be in good hands. I am just excited to go back to work with her, so it will be interesting.”

This lead us to our next question, which is where Daniel stands on his latest women entanglement…Nicole and Jennifer:

“I got women issues. I can’t control my kid, my mom is all over me, trying to take care of Jennifer, Nicole trying to take care of her baby…I do have my hands full, thankfully. (laughs) Nicole and Daniel called each other out on their sh!t. Everyone else dances around the issue, where these two just went into the eye of the hurricane. She called me a man-whore, I called her a gold-digger, and right from there, it was explosive. They could be as raw as they wanted to because they knew each other’s dark past. Nicole has been along for the ride with Chloe, so she understood that. Daniel really has nothing to hide, and he has Nicole’s number. So, it was a great dynamic.”

As the show is losing Molly Burnett, who plays Shawn’s on-screen daughter, he let us in on what we can expect to see in the next few weeks where it concerns fatherhood:

“It’s funny, his number one priority since the kidnapping is that he will never leave her side again. He will do whatever it takes to protect her. Daniel DOES get distracted, and you saw the guilt of him being not present in his daughter’s life. Now, he overcompensates in trying to protect her. Also, being an overbearing parent can be too much as well. Daniel is a father-in-training to begin with, so he hasn’t have it all figured out. Melanie and Daniel are both equally stubborn, so you will see standoffs and neither one are going to budge. You will see in the next couple months of Daniel going to EXTREME lengths to protect Nicole and her baby, and Melanie. He takes no sh!t from the DiMeras, and he is not backing down.”

To download the full podcast with Shawn Christian where he talks more about Mohegan Sun, and a little history of “As The World Turns” of the Rosanna/Mike/Carly story, click here: http://www.buzzworthyradio.net/podcasts/shawnchristian3.mp3
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