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Helpless Romantic

Sep 25 2012, 03:29 PM
Sep 25 2012, 03:16 PM
Another fantastic show today...Things have finally settled down with the S/L. So far this week we have had several different S/Lís but they are all entwined. They stopped beating that same dead horse. Thank GAWD! Again something for everyone...
I don't think there is something for everyone. Clearly Safe, Dannifer and WilSon are the exceptions but Lucas doesn't have a story. I might not like Ej or Ejami but their fans have squat to rejoice about. Ejole don't even share scenes anymore, you'd think that she isn't even pregnant with his child or anything. Where is Bope? He leaves soon so why can't we have more of them as a couple, in scenes together? There is something for Wilson, Safe and Dannifer fans, those three couples don't make the show.
I have to disagree that EJami is not getting anything.. yes they are. Sami is "conflicted" btwn Rafe and EJ with a side of Lucas. I hardly call what any couple is "getting" as being good. The PTB are IMO STILL playing the same games which makes Sami especially look bipolar. She goes from calling EJ a "psycho nut Job" to telling him in the next episode that "there will probably always be something btwn them and that there was from the start" Gag complete with an almost kiss. I love SAFE but I don't want them together like this and to top it off the date I felt was short changed the kiss was nice but that's about it. Sami needs help. She is either still playing both guys which makes her look bad or she is simply bipolar and this behaviour needs to stop. EJOLE I am glad arent presently together and I really hope there is more to the story and she gets to have her baby. i am liking Nick and Gabi. I do agree with you on the PTB treatment of Bope though.
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