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LMFAO- Sami & Rafe go to the pub. Just like Will & Sonn'y first date was at Sonny's coffee shop. Couldn't they have pulled out the annoying blue light hotel bar set that Chloe was whoring herself in or something? lol This show is ridiculous.

And SlamPig's dress and orange tits...just :puke:

Maggie, Daniel & Jennifer can all go kill themselves. I can't stand to see or listen to any of them anymore.

Although it is "in character" for Jennifer to be snooping, I hate HATE HATE all of her motivations. I'm team Nicole all the way. I hope she eventually does somethng that makes Jen leave town of get killed or something, I hate her sooo much right now lol And of course all of the continent-sized plotholes regarding Jen's "research." I know people switch medical records and shit all the time on this show, but there is no way Jen would be able to search the fucking net and make a few phonecalls and find what she needs. If it were that easy, wouldn't EJ with all his underworld connects already be waaaay ahead of her?

Wow, Nick really does make Gabi so much less block-of-wood-ish. Loads more chemistry I think between CB & BB than there ever EVER was between CB & CM and I include their out-of-nowhere sex scene in that. I still think she's a rather shitty actress, but BB is winning me over and making her better. Who'd a thunk?

I hate to say it but there were certain moments where I though tMelanie was really good today too. Don't get me wrong, I still despise the character and everything but she had some really great soap acting going on in a few scenes. Molly really brought it...But that seems to be par for the course with about 50% of the actors who leave...they either leave with no real fanfare or they go out on a high (Shelly Hennig comes to mind). I still can't wait til she's fucking GONE though. If only Dr. Douche would go with her, maybe then they will start pimping SOME characters I like...though not bloody likely.

And lastly...Chad. We all know I feel about Chad. STOP GIVING HIM SCENES WHERE HE HAS TRO EMOTE ANYTHING! HE CAN'T DO IT!!!! LOL!!! RECAST RECAST RECAST, pretty please with espresso vodka martinis on top. For the love of Pete, WHY is Casey still on this fucking show?!?! I'd have so much easier a time actually getting into his character and his storylines if it were a different actor. I WANT to get into a character with the last name DiMera damnit but this kid puts me off soooo much. Well that and that his name is "Chad." But I could get past the name if only they would recast....*sigh*
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