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Once I again I loved the episode.

At first, I felt it was kinda boring, but as it went on I loved it more and more.

I love the addition of Shirley McClaine. She's doing great. And I love her interaction with Maggie Smith. When Martha started singing and sat next to Violet, singing "I love you"... the look on Violet's face was so priceless! Maggie Smith is AMAZING! :lol:

The entire inside picnic-dinner was great. And with a nice twist when Martha revealed that she cannot pay off Crawley's debts. So I guess it's all on Matthew now.

I also really love the aspect of modern American versus ever so traditional English people.

Mrs. Hughes' cancer storyline is already sad. :(

Thomas being an ass is really annoying. Why is he treating people so bad for no reason?! Ugh! He needs to get laid and leave people alone.

Bates' storyline is still the least entertaining, but we barely saw it in this episode, so that was good. I did like that darker side of Bates come up in prison. Well actually, I don't know if it's his dark side, or he was just defending himself. But he looked MAD!

Anyways, another good one!

Matt, did you start with season 1? How do you like it? :)
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