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Monday ("Nicole's Tragic News")
Daniel tells Jennifer that he is going to quit his job; Rafe is conflicted about telling Sami the truth about the paternity of Nicole's baby.

Tuesday ("Bo's Plan")
Sami and Rafe forgive one another and decide to move forward with their relationship.

Wednesday ("Jennifer's Plan")
Jennifer is determined to stop Nicole from hurting Daniel; Bo worries about his mother's mental state.

Thursday ("Nicole's Accident")
Jennifer causes Nicole to take a terrible fall; Stefano meets with Kristen in Europe.

Friday ("Nicole Gives Birth")
Nicole blames Jennifer for her stillborn child; John and Marlena are thrilled that Sami and Rafe are dating.

**UPDATED 9/27**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Things are really starting to sizzle between Sami and Rafe.
-Stefano decides to reach out to EJ.
-Abigail utterly blasts Chad for his recent actions.
-Caroline's condition continues to worsen.
-Victor confronts Daniel about the decisions he's been making.
-John and Marlena are growing closer than ever.

**UPDATED 10/2**

Taking the fall.

Sami agrees to support Rafe, whether or not he really is the father of Nicole’s baby. They agree to have a fresh start and promise each other absolute honesty. They go back to where they had their first date and wax nostalgic. After they arrange a date for the evening, they bump into Elvis and the three of them yell at each other. They’re used to this so they go off on their date like nothing has happened. Soon, they bump into John and Marlena, who are very happy to see them together again.

Daniel turns to Victor for advice about how to be a godfather. Then he turns to Jenn and informs her that she doesn’t need to leave the hospital because he’s quitting. He refuses to explain anything about Nicole’s situation and angrily tells her to stay out of this. Meanwhile, after losing her baby, Nicole is a wreck. Seeing Daniel with Jenn only makes it a million times worse. She goes into denial, destroying her medical records and then parading baby clothes around town. She has to face the facts when she bumps into Rafe. She’s about to tell him everything when Sami interrupts. Nic mopes away and runs into Daniel.

The doctor has decided that running off to Utah with her sounds amazing. She decides to keep the baby’s death from him so she’ll have a shot at a future with him. As she’s packing, Jenn shows up and vows to stop her from making a life with Daniel. Nicole becomes an emotional wreck and storms out as Brady arrives. Jenn angrily proclaims that she’s going to stop Nicole. Nic tries getting Daniel to leave that night but he can’t move that quick and points out that she needs an obgyn’s okay before going anywhere. She flips out and stalks off, ready to gut Jenn with a blade.

The ladies fight and Nic winds up tumbling down one of the deadly stairways of Salem just as Billie and Brady arrive. Jenn feels bad as the cops arrive and Nicole is taken to the hospital. She gives birth to a stillborn. Daniel arrives and Nicole puts the blame squarely on Jenn. Brady backs that up and the Horton is arrested for murder.

Bo tells Hope that he wants to sail around the world. When she checks the port map, she notices that everywhere he plans to go is connected to the DiMeras. He runs off to tell his Ma. Caroline tries to be enthusiastic. Hope’s been trying that too but Marlena notices she’s failing. That’s enough to push Hope to admitting to her husband that she isn’t ready to set sail. He agrees and explains that he’s been noticing that his Ma doesn’t seem quite right. When he points this out to Caroline, she’s furious. As she rants at him, she begins calling him ‘Shawn’ until she notices that things really are not right at all. He encourages her to go and see Kayla, but Caroline already has a pretty good idea of what’s wrong with her: she likely has Alzheimer’s.

After being rejected by EJ, Stefano starts making some mysterious calls. Kate’s not on his call list, but she does know that her husband has been sniffing around. She tries to get more information but no one’s helpful. After learning that Sami might hire Nick, Kate decides to snap him up first. The ex-con isn’t really keen on working with her though. And Abby realizes that something serious has been going on with her friends and starts to dig. Chad, Gabi and Nick are not giving her any answers but that’s not a deterrent.


Week of October 8:

Monday October 8:
Nicole rages over seeing Jennifer with Daniel.
Nicole destroys the medical records of her hospital visit.
Daniel tells Jenn he's quitting.
Sami wants Rafe to let her in on Nicole's paternity secret and offers to help keep EJ from his child.
Stefano - from Europe, reaches out to EJ, but his son rejects his help.
Stefano makes a call to a mysterious person who can help him with EJ.

Tuesday October 9:
Nicole and Daniel confirm plans to move to Utah.
Jennifer unleashes anger toward Nicole at Billie.
Rafe admits he does forgive Sami.
Rafe and Sami share a passionate kiss - but he doesn't tell her the truth about Nicole's baby - daddy.
Bo wants to sail around the world with family.
Hope's not into Bo's idea.
Caroline brushes off one more sign of forgetfulness.

Wednesday October 10:
Jennifer confronts Nicole about ruining Daniel's life.
Hope admits she's not anxious to travel and Bo too has had second thoughts due to Caroline.
Caroline has another episode with Bo, which devastates both.
Abigail refuses to give up on finding out why Melanie departed Salem so fast.
Chad advises Kate to get over her feelings for Stefano.
Kate has an offer for Nick.

Thursday October 11:
Jenn vows in front of Brady to stop Nicole.
Nicole snaps and is about to stab Jenn.
Nicole takes a tumble down the stairs during an argument with Jenn.
Sami and Rafe run into EJ on their date.
Caroline is taken to the hospital for tests with Kayla.
Kayla knows what's wrong with Caroline.
In Europe, Stefano recruits Kristen Blake to help reunite the fractured DiMera clan.

Friday October 12:
Nicole blames Jennifer when she goes into labor.
Brady and Billie reluctantly tell police they heard the women argue before Nicole went down the stairs.
Nicole gives birth to her stillborn son.
Jenn's arrested for the murder of Nicole's baby.
Rafe and Sami go home and share a kiss.
John and Marlena talk about how it's smooth sailing from here on out.
Caroline faces her fear of Alzheimer's with family support.


**UPDATED 10/5**

Monday, October 8th
Nicole struggles to deal with her loss; Daniel tells Jennifer not to resign; Sami pressures Rafe to let her in on Nicole's secret; Stefano reaches out to E.J.

Tuesday, October 9th
Nicole, still keeping her secret, plans to leave for Utah with Daniel; Jennifer fumes about Daniel's relationship with Nicole; Sami and Rafe reflect on the past; Bo tells Hope he wants to sail around the world.

Wednesday, October 10th
Jennifer confronts Nicole about Daniel; Daniel has second thoughts about leaving; Bo worries about Caroline's mental state; Abigail asks questions about Melanie's departure; Kate offers Nick a job.

Thursday, October 11th
Nicole and Jennifer have an argument; Victor discourages Daniel from leaving with Nicole; Rafe and Sami share a romantic evening; Caroline downplays her recent memory troubles; Stefano meets with a mystery woman.

Friday, October 12th
Everyone blames Jennifer for the death of Nicole's baby; Rafe and Sami enjoy their reunion; Caroline faces a possible Alzheimer's diagnosis.
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