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Sharon was committed to Victurd and their relationship? Sharon Case's comments make her sound as delusional as her pathetic character. Sharon begged Adam to come back to her while she was with Victurd and it was clear had Adam snapped his finger she would have gone crawling back to him. The only thing the gold digging tramp was committed to was Victurd's money as her behavior after he abandoned her made clear. SC has also been saying that Sharon was doing what she thought Victurd wanted. HUH? She thought Victurd wanted her to tear up the pre-nup and take control of Newmans when he made it clear in the pre-nup that she was to keep her paws off Newmans. And the ho thought Victurd woudl want her to arrange that travesty of a memorial service and strut around acting like the "widow" while attempting to humiliate and hurt his family?

Understandably SC wants to defend her character given how Sharon has been destroyed. But her comments are ridiculous. She would be better off if she just attributed Sharon's grotesque behavior to bad writing.
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