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Sammie Jo
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Queen B
Sep 27 2012, 09:25 AM
the only real shitty thing about this is that, now I have a feeling the writers will be going for Shadam. Adam and Sharon will once again be the outsiders, so it'll probably be Shadam 2.0.. UGH
I don't think anyone is going to be touching sharon with a 10ft pole for quite awhile!
I'm thrilled Victor is pressing charges, too bad there isn't a jail term for delusional stupidity, she'd be in there for 3 lifetimes.
She's going to sue Victor for abandonment? Really?
Falling off your horse and getting amnesia is not abandonment, actually, she abandoned him, she falsely ID'd a body and she knowing Victor wasn't dead, she proceeds to marry another man.
Did she REALLLLLY think she was going to get away with any of this?
Didn't she learn her lesson about fraud when she did the phony birth certificate?
In a few months after she has therapy, let her come back and let there be a new man in town for her, not related to any newman or abbott.
How about Brock come back and rehab her? lmao
She can start on a whole new family of millionaires.
Sharon Case is just as nuts if she thinks her character was "committed" to Victor, it took her what, all of 5 seconds to stop worrying about him and call off the search, yeah, that sounds really committed. The only thing she was committed to was his bank account.
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